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Trichotomic Solace, a Psych Cat exhibit

Gallery Eola presents
Trichotomic Solace by Psych Cat, featuring work by Ryan Semple, Joseph Schmittau, and Sapphire Servellon.

***Opening reception will also feature music/live DJ sets from GWADCIP$ and Nubes Beats, plus food from the nearby Truck Stop Restaurant!

Artist Statements

Ryan Semple: To create is not a gift, it is a lifestyle. I choose to create because I want to stand against apathy and creative suppression in everyday life. My primary objective is to take my simple ideas and turn them into palpable forms of creative freedom. Using wood as an organic medium to contrast my imaginative subject matter and bold colors aids me in giving more life to my work. I’ve been using my imagination to fuel my creative mind since I can remember and now it has become essential for my well-being and happiness. Creativity exists within all of us and empowering the imagination can grant us the power to make a positive impact on the world.

Joseph Schmittau: Hi, Thanks for taking a second to read this. Currently I’m pursuing my Bachelors of Fine Art at University of Central Florida. Before that, I was living in St. Petersburg Florida and I went to Pinellas County Center for the Arta at Gibbs High School. Before that I was a kid who really liked watching cartoons. Now, I’m an adult who really likes watching cartoons. So yeah, thanks for looking at my art. At the bare minimum, I hope it makes you say “neat.” I predominantly paint in acrylic (because UCF doesn’t have proper ventilation.) A lot of my subject matter has to do with my nostalgia for childhood, be it the good stuff or the bad stuff. Oh and I love kitsch.

Most of my work deals with my mental health at the time of the painting. I was super sad, which is ok because I'm happier now (and also on lexapro). The more figurative works deal with my sadder emotions, while the more cartoony pieces represent a happier time in my life.

Sapphire Servellon: @artaardvark is the moniker for Orlando's Sapphire Servellon. Her work is a collection of psychedelic and post-conscious expressions. Through watercolor paintings and an in depth analysis of her spiritual world, she attempts to bring a sense of beauty and wonder into being. Advancing through levels of visual delight, each piece is a therapeutic moment in dissecting complex lessons from her higher self.
Showcasing her latest works "Battling the Trees for the Light" and "My Garden 🌻"


Thursday, March 15th @ 7PM-10PM

Friday, April 13th @ 7PM-10PM

ARTIST TALK:  Friday, April 13th @ 8PM-10PM

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