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In Love N Color

Gallery Eola presents
In Love N Color by Paul Columbus and Jenifer Friedland

Artists Bio: Paul Columbus and Jenifer Friedland were both raised in Orlando, FL. In Love N Color is an art experience presented by both artist.  Paul and Jenny are displaying both their own original pieces and collaborative work in their show "In Love N Color." Although very different artists, the two share a love for painting and for each other.Paul's most recognizable work are his Phantom Faces. The Phantom Faces are surrealistic faces with abstract elements blending technique and texture at times to create a multi dimensional painting. Jenifer's abstract paintings are uniquely different from one another using colors and textures to create one of a kind images.  Her paintings are done with no "blueprint" they are painted on feeling and emotion, which create a unique piece of work that can not be duplicated. Paul and Jenny are Soulmates bonded my Love, and expressed through their artwork. Both Jenny and Paul share the same love and excitement for life and sharing in our process and journey with others.  

Thursday, February 15th @ 7PM-10PM

Saturday, March 10th @ 11AM-2PM

ARTIST TALK:  Saturday, March 10th @ 12PM-2PM

Thu/Fri, 5:30pm-9:30pm & Sat/Sun, 11am-4pm
-or by appointment- | insta/twitter: @galleryeola

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