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Strange Grls, a Psych Cat exhibition

Gallery Eola presents
Strange Grls, a Psych Cat exhibition. Featuring artists Mary Dodd, Madison Fischer, Elizabeth Fleming, and Justin Mitchell. 

Strange Grls is composed of four talented artists who make art that expresses deep emotions and questions what exactly it means to be “human”, often leaving the viewer with feelings of discord and melancholy. The artists, through unique combinations of medium, attempt to process their feelings, beliefs, and questions about life itself. The works incorporate intricate lines and simple compositions to provide a sense of elegance, while the content conveys a sense of longing and introspection.  Playful nuances of surrealism serve to induce a state of transfixion, trapping the viewer between the beauty and dissonance of each piece.  

Artist Statements: 

Mary Dodd uses clean line work to define subjects against a surrealist landscape. She creates a story-board using simple composition and symbols. The discord of the emotions conveyed leaves the audience longing to understand the purpose of"why" and "who" the artist is.

Madison Fischer applies printmaking techniques to her paintings. She uses negative space to bring focus to figures and empower her subjects. Her use of complex line-work provides a sense of uneasiness about where the subject begins and ends; reminding us of the blurry lines between our internal being and the external world.

Elizabeth Fleming merges painting and photography in her practice. Through an emphasis on color, symbolism, and composed imagery she approaches surrealism from a new perspective. Her work is a direct reflection of internal conflict and growth and ultimately serves as a therapeutic method of record keeping for the artist.

Justin Mitchell utilizes painting, performance, and sculpture in his practice. The combination of mediums serves to compound the effect of each. His work emphasizes the oddities of the human figure and questions what it means to be a participant in the world around us.

Thursday, November 16th @ 7PM-10PM

Thursday, December 14th @ 7PM-10PM

Thu/Fri, 5:30pm-9:30pm & Sat/Sun, 11am-4pm
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